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OSHA Hearing Testing Regulations Quiz

What does “OSHA” stand for?
At or above what average noise exposure level must you test an employee annually?
What does “STS” stand for?
What characterizes an STS?
How many days do you have to notify an employee after an STS?
What STS follow-up does OSHA require for employees wearing hearing protectors?
What satisfies the OSHA Recordable Shift criteria?
When may you opt not to log a test with an OSHA Recordable Shift?
Upon which of the following conditions may a baseline be revised?
What is the standard method of hearing testing?
What do you call hearing loss due to aging?
How does OSHA define a “problem audiogram”?
How long does OSHA require you keep audiometric test records?
Can you remove an entry from the Recordable Log?
What is the name of the organization that certifies hearing technicians?
How often must audiometers be acoustically calibrated?
Is there any sound at zero dB?
What items does OSHA require on an audiogram?
What is the acronym used to indicate the attenuation rating for hearing protectors?
How does OSHA define “persistence”?

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