OSHA Respiratory Protection Regulations Quiz

What medical condition may prevent respirator use?
Can a worker's supervisor be present during the administration of the medical evaluation?
On a medical evaluation questionnaire can an employer include only those questions it prefers?
When should a worker be referred for a follow-up evaluation based upon a questionnaire?
When must an employee be fit tested?
How much beard growth is permissible beneath the respirator seal?
Can an employee wear glasses or goggles when using a respirator?
What is the difference between supplied-air respirators (SARs) and self-contained breathing apparatuses (SCBAs)?
What is the range of permissible oxygen percentage in compressed air for breathing?
What does IDLH stand for?
What does "Maximum Use Concentration" mean?
Given an ambient contamination concentration of 115ppm and a exposure limit of 2ppm, is a respirator of a suitable type with an APF of 50 acceptable?
What are some of the exercises that must be included in a fit test?
What is fit factor?
What is the difference between a qualitative fit test and a quantitative fit test?

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