T K Express On-Site Hearing Testing

What is T K Express?

Personalized quiet room hearing testing for small and midsize businesses.

Our certified technician tests 1 or 2 workers at a time in a room at your facility. Individualized attention better addresses your employees unique needs, improving your hearing program's overall success.

What services can Express include in addition to testing?

  • Worker training
  • Notification letters for employees
  • STS counseling
  • Visual ear inspection
  • Earplug fit testing

Why choose Express over clinic testing?

  • Far less employee time away from work
  • No offsite liability concerns
  • Includes audiologist review, MyTKGroup, and other services
  • Significantly more cost effective

Why choose Express over a mobile unit?

  • Individual attention for better employee hearing success
  • No worries over mobile unit logistics
  • Fewer employees away from line at a time
  • More flexibility
Technician providing hearing conservation training
Technician assisting worker with donning headset
T K Express hearing testing
Technician explaining test results to worker
Technician taking noise level reading

Not sure if a room is quiet enough for testing?

There's an app for that!

Get the 2-minute room evaluation procedure.