On-Site Hearing Testing Services

Included services

  • Immediate retesting of Standard Threshold Shifts
  • Reports detailing test results and required follow-up
  • OSHA-mandated audiometer calibration and sound level checks
  • Audiologist review of tests
  • Consultation with audiologist
  • Online access to your data through MyTKGroup website

Training in the use of protectors

Teaches the dangers of noise, the importance of hearing protectors, how to wear protectors, and the purpose of hearing testing.

Fulfills OSHA requirement for annual training.

Counseling for those with Standard Threshold Shifts (STSs)

Counseling in the importance of hearing protection and refitting of hearing protectors for STS cases.

Fulfills refit and retrain portion of OSHA requirement for STS follow-up

Employee notification letters

Letters informing employee of test results and any Standard Threshold Shifts.

Fulfills OSHA requirement to notify employees of hearing changes in writing.

Audiologist review of testing

Audiological team examines each test for accuracy and identifies cases requiring additional follow-up.

Includes free consultation with audiologists

Fulfills OSHA requirement that testing program be overseen by audiologist.

Hearing technician assists worker with headset
Workers taking hearing test on mobile unit
Hearing technician working at computer
Hearing technician explains results to worker
Hearing testing mobile unit in wooded area
Workers entering hearing testing mobile unit
Hearing technician instructs workers

Think a mobile unit might be more than you need?

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Meet Your Technicians

The quality of technicians determines the quality of your experience and the accuracy of results.

Our professionals are:

  • Certified occupational hearing conservationists
  • Rigorously field trained
  • Schooled in best practices
Woman technician on mobile unit
Male technician on mobile unit
Male technician outside mobile unit
Technician assisting worker aboard mobile unit
Technician assisting test subject

Work-relatedness Determinations

Audiologist's written determination if hearing loss due to workplace noise.

OSHA allows cases with negative findings to be removed from Recordable log

E-A-Rfit™ fit testing of hearing protectors

Determines true effectiveness of workers' hearing protectors while worn.

Improves hearing programs by:
  • Identifying workers with inadequate protection
  • Determining best protector for each worker
  • Demonstrating value of proper protector insertion techniques
  • Providing hands-on, meaningful retraining of STS cases
  • Validating protection levels required by workers in high noise areas

For more information see this 3M brochure.

Recommended by NIOSH image

We now use the new, faster Dual-Ear E-A-Rfit™ machine!

E-A-Rfit™ tests a wide array of inserts, and muffs.

Worker taking earplug fit test

Sound Surveys

Determines noise levels for workers to identify who to include in your hearing conservation program.

Sound surveys include:
  • Area measurements where worker mobility not a factor
  • Personal dosimetry for mobile workers
  • Determination of Time-Weighted Average (TWA)
  • Octave band analysis to identify appropriate materials to control noise sources

Audiometer calibration

We will calibrate your audiometer and certify your test booth environment.

Calibration can be done on-site or by shipping your audiometer to us.

Calibration includes:
  • Certificate of calibration
  • Exhaustive calibration

Hearing Testing Fleet

We have a fleet of dedicated units for customers requiring only audiogram services.

About this fleet:
  • Nationwide service
  • Most have 10 stations for less business disruption
  • Staffed with 2 CAOHC-certified technicians
  • Standardized hardware and software
  • Daily calibrations and sound level checks standard
Mobile hearing testing unit parked

Reports issued on unit

  • Roster of individuals tested
  • Notification letters (optional)
  • Standard Threshold Shift listing
  • Recordable/Reportable listing
  • Background sound level readings
  • Roster of individuals trained (optional)

Reports provided after audiologist's review

  • Program Summary: includes STSs, recordables, retest results and medical referrals
  • Notification letters
  • Medical referrals
  • Testing statistics
  • Employee listing
  • (and many others)
OSHA Regulatory Compliance Coverage
Service OSHA Regulation
Hearing Testing 1910.95 (g)
Training in hearing protector use 1910.95 (k)
Employee notification letters 1910.95 (g)(8)(i)
STS counseling 1910.95 (g)(8)(ii)(A-C)
Audiologist review 1910.95 (g)(7)
Work-relatedness determinations 1904.10 (b)(6)
Background sound level checks 1910.95 (g)(7)(iii)(C)
Audiometer function check 1910.95 (h)(5)(i)
Sound level survey 1910.95 (d)